Tequila Accent Tequila Accent Tequila Accent Tequila Accent Tequila Accent
Bring an Accent to your delicious events

Events are special. And special moments demand a tinge of extraordinary. Join us to create the best of weddings, parties, and celebrations with our exceptional catering services. Together let's plan wonderful receptions colored with the flavor of contemporary Mexican cuisines and delicacies, to give your guests, a whale of a good time. Tequila Accent offers professional catering services and allows you to prepare a customized menu at reasonable rates.

Your pleasure is our pleasure.

With us, you can eat and enjoy like you have never done before.

Tequila Accent
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If you want to have a good time, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to make a reservation. Fill out the form and have your table booked at Tequila Accent in no time.

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